Issue 6, Call for Submissions

‘I wished [that that] woman would write and proclaim this unique empire so that other women, other unacknowledged sovereigns, might exclaim: I, too, overflow; my desires have invented new desires, my body knows unheard-of songs. Time and again I, too have felt so full of luminous torrents that I could burst – burst with forms much more beautiful than those which are put up in frames and sold for a stinking fortune…Who, surprised and horrified by the fantastic tumult of her drives hasn’t accused herself of being a monster? Who, feeling a funny desire stirring inside her (to sing, to write, to dare to speak, in short to bring out something new), hasn’t thought she was sick? Well, her shameful sickness is that she resists death, that she makes trouble.’
The Laugh of the Medusa, Helene Cixous, 1975

SALT. Magazine is looking for submissions for it’s 6th issue, themed Manifestos. We are looking for written manifestos, interpretations of, or discursive lines of inquiry into their form, content and history. SALT. is looking for ‘those of us who stand outside the circle of society’s definition of acceptable’ (Lorde, 1979), who resist death, make trouble, and feel the need to assert an alternative agenda.

We are looking for;
any form of written work (word limit 2000 words)
art work with a brief statement (submitted as images at 300dpi)

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 1st June 2014.

Submit to and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Also find us at: